Equipment & Technica: Tech Talk
mmuller - Sat, Sep 3, 2011, 12:23 A
Live broadcast
This year MCTV will try to broadcast the Montague Soapbox Derby live. We have some technical issues to over come, such as being about 3000 feet away from the closest transmission point. We have someone from Comcast checking out the site tomorrow. I'm sure he's going to confirm the need for a microwave dish, which we do not have. Anyone out there have something that could help?

For those who are hooked into the Turners Falls Industrial Park head-end, we are looking into making the live broadcast available to your subscribers. If this year goes well, we are looking to expand transmission possibilities for next year.

More info on the race here, if you want to put up a slide or two. The event is a fundraiser for MCTV.